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Biochar to address stubble burning in India

The northern states in India every year burn the stubble remains after crop yield. This contributes to the air pollution in Indian cities of Delhi, making it a huge problem to tackle.

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Facilitating active participation to build the future you want

Solving a multifaceted problem of introducing Pyropower in the European market, while at the same devising a long term vision and action plan for the same.

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Experience ‘unboxing’ of  an autonomous vehicle

How to improve the consumer experience of delivering a self-drive vehicle? How do we create value over the life cycle of a self-drive vehicle? What is the ultimate unboxing experience for a self-drive car owner?

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Flirtatious interaction between Gen Z and technology in future

What kind of values do people need in future and how can we create them? How do we get ready for Gen-Z?

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Strategic design to turn your vision into reality

How do we create propositions that will help us achieve our vision and build a competitive position in the market?

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