Experience ‘unboxing’ of  an autonomous vehicle

How to improve the consumer experience of delivering an autonomous vehicle? How do we create value over the life cycle of autonomous vehicle? What is the ultimate unboxing experience for an autonomous car owner?

Ford was looking for ways to create unique experiences for delivering a parcel. What if this parcel is an autonomous car itself? How can we improve the experience of delivering the autonomous vehicle in future?

To answer the question, we decided to use the double diamond model. The model goes through discovery, define, develop and deliver stages.

To gather data, we researched trends and online reports on consumer behaviour as well as conducted interviews with millennials (primary consumers and trend riders in future).

Unboxing starts the moment you think about ‘it’

Based on our research, we realised that the car buying experience will be more and more digital in future, with direct sales from the company to consumers. We built and analysed a consumer journey map to understand more about what consumers feel during this journey.

Accordingly, we identified 5 different phases the customer goes through in his journey with the autonomous vehicle. We considered these 5 phases as 5 touch-points for Ford to improve the experience of the consumers.

Unboxing desires

To guide the design of this experience, we set the vision of ‘creating the ultimate unboxing experience through refreshing personalised surprises to surpass expectations’. We chose 5 touch-points which span along the timeline from online ordering to manufacturing to after-purchase services. Designs were created to show how the experience for each touchpoint could be improved and how the 5 touch-points could be unified.

Using storyboards, we visualised the interaction and value in each phase. Figma, physical prototyping was used to create prototypes for each phase. We created 3 strategic horizons that gradually shifted from incremental improvements in experiences to collaborations that add value to users as well as the community. To build a more actionable plan, we developed a tactical roadmap that showed needed partnerships in each stage.

Breaking out from the existing vision also helped to show more opportunities to create value for consumers.

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