Flirtatious interaction between Gen Z and technology in future

What kind of values do people need in future and how can we create them? How do we get ready for Gen-Z?

Grundig wants to create new service propositions for a new target group, design new business and create roadmaps to achieve the vision through applications of IoT technologies, focused on user experience.

Grundig is one of the leading manufacturers of consumer electronics, small and large home appliances with a portfolio of over 500 different products. Grundig believes in sustainability, efficiency, convenience and reducing food waste. With the rise of IoT, connectivity in the kitchen may be considered a social activity on a different level.

To design the future of experience we decided to focus on value modelling to capture the value required by users in future and use road mapping techniques to systematically achieve different needs of different stages. Through the combination, we were able to devise an innovation strategy in 3 horizons, which also focused on the value created in each horizon.

Creating value with the trends for gen Z

Gen Z is the prominent force of tomorrow. We created a persona to get in the shoes of Gen Z and conducted value mapping sessions to derive value drivers for this group. These value drivers could be grouped into 3 main drivers- Understand Me, Enable Me and Involve Me which drive the 3 horizons.

Understand Me
Enable Me
Involve Me

The vital 3 value drivers give a direction for new product development which starts with understanding the needs of gen Z, by building products tailored to their daily life and ends with involving gen Z in meaningful moments.

Remote is in Gen Z’s hands

Based on the requirements of Gen Z, the new vision was to ‘give Gen Z control to create their own food experience’ which guides the next design phase.

Based on the needs of Gen Z, we divided the roadmap into 3 stages, each stage focusing on reaching the specific task starting with understanding Gen Z, with 3rd stage having the goal of involving Gen Z in the experience.

To achieve goals in each stage, we scouted for existing and new technologies so as to build new concepts by integrating technology for value creation. Based on Grundig’s innovation pace, the technology available in that phase and Gen Z’s needs, we created value models for each horizon.

The 3 horizons formed as a strategic roadmap, also help to decide which technologies are needed in each stage, thus helping with the creation of a tactical roadmap.

Gen Z will need remote control in their hand, they have the need to control every experience, which the technology-based companies will try to provide in future. Achieving the ideal solution goes through 3 stages as described by this project- starts with understanding me, and ends with Involving me.

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